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Jenny's Jellicle Heaven


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Westchester Broadway Theatre Cast, 4/18/02 - 7/28/02

This is where you will find the cast members for the Westchester Equity Production!
* This production was extended a day, until July 28. There were two extra performances added. *

Joe Abraham, Mungojerrie

Jean Arbeiter, Jellylorum

Donald E. Birely, Swing; Booth Singer; Assistant Stage Manager

Carmichael Blankenship, Plato; Macavity

Renee Bonadio, Sillabub; Rumpleteazer

Erin Braithwaite, Swing

Buddy Crutchfield, Bustopher Jones; Asparagus; Growltiger

Erick Devine, Old Deuteronomy

Jessica Dillan, Victoria

Michael Etzwiler, Alonzo

Stacia Fernandez, Grizabella

Rob Flebbe, Tumblebrutus; Pouncival

Gayle Holsman, Demeter

Davis Kirby, Swing; Assistant Stage Manager

Jeff Lewis, Mistoffelees

Kevin Loreque, Rum Tum Tugger

Tina Moya, Cassandra; Assistant Dance Captain

Susan Owen, Swing

Janet Saia, Jennyanydots

John Sechrist, Skimbleshanks

Bret Shuford, Swing

Julie Tolivar, Bombalurina

Suzanne Viverito, Dance Captain; Swing; Associate Choregrapher; Assistant Stage Manager

Craig Waletzko, Munkustrap

Alonzo - Mike Etzwiler*
Bombalurina - Julie Tolivar
Bustopher Jones/Asparagus/Growltiger - Buddy Crutchfield*
Cassandra - Tina Moya* ***
Demeter - Gayle Holsman* **
Grizabella - Stacia Fernandez*
Jellylorum/Griddlebone - Jean Arbeiter* **
Jennyanydots - Janet Saia*
Mistoffelees - Jeff Lewis*
Mungojerrie - Joe Abraham
Munkustrap - Craig Waletzko* **
Old Deuteronomy - Erick Devine*
Plato/Macavity - Carmichael Blankenship*
Rum Tum Tugger - Kevin Loreque*
Rumpleteazer - Renee Bonadio*
Skimbleshanks - John Sechrist ***
Tumblebrutus/Pouncival - Rob Flebbe*
Victoria - Jessica Dillan* **
Dance Captain - Suzanne Viverito* ** ***
Assistant Dance Captain - Tina Moya* ***
Female Swings - Erin Braithwaite***, Susan Owen*, Suzanne Viverito* ** ***
Male Swings - Donald E. Birely*, Davis Kirby*, Bret Shuford*
Joey Abramowicz replaces Rob Flebbe as Tumblebrutus.
Amy Hamel* replaces Erin Braithwaite as the swing.
Erin Braithwaite replaces Gayle Holsman as Demeter.
Jennifer Hughes* replaces Susan Owen as the swing.
Susan Owen replaces Jean Arbeiter as Jellylorum.
Jeff Lagace* replaces John Sechrist as Skimbleshanks.
Shaun Parry* replaces Michael Etzwiler as Alonzo.
Michael Etzwiler replaces Bret Shuford as the swing.
* - Member of the AEA, Actors' Equity Association, the only professional union for Actors and Stage Managers.
** - Member of the closing cast of Broadway CATS, 2000.
*** - Former member of the 2001 Troika cast of CATS, V Nt'l. Tour.