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Jenny's Jellicle Heaven


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Original Broadway Cast

This is director Trevor Nunn with the original Broadway cast during rehearsals in 1982. (photo courtesy of Stephen Hanan's "A Cat's Diary".)

The Winter Garden Theatre as it appeared from 1982 until 2000.

This is the stage of the Winter Garden Theatre when CATS occupied it.

Original Misto

Timothy Scott ~ 1955 ~ 1988

Original Skimble

Reed Jones ~ 1954 ~ 1989

Here you will see who played who in the Original Broadway Cast!

Alonzo ~ Hector Jaime Mercado
Bustopher Jones/Asparagus/Growltiger ~ Stephen Hanan
Bombalurina ~ Donna King
Carbuckety ~ Steven Gelfer (+)
Cassandra ~ Rene Ceballos
Coricopat/Mungojerrie ~ Rene Clemente (+)
Demeter ~ Wendy Edmead
Etcetera/Rumpelteazer ~ Christine Langer
Grizabella ~ Betty Buckley
Jellylorum/Griddlebone ~ Bonnie Simmons
Jennyanydots ~ Anna McNeely
Mistoffelees ~ Timothy Scott (+)
Munkustrap ~ Harry Groener
Old Deuteronomy ~ Ken Page
Plato/Macavity/Rumpus Cat ~ Kenneth Ard
Pouncival ~ Herman W. Sebek
Rum Tum Tugger ~ Terrence V. Mann
Sillabub ~ Whitney Kershaw
Skimbleshanks ~ Reed Jones (+)
Tantomile ~ Janet L. Hubert
Tumblebrutus ~ Robert Hoshour
Victoria ~ Cynthia Onrubia
The CATS Chorus ~ Walter Charles, Susan Powers, Carol Richards, Joel Robertson

The (+) indicates that this actor has gone on to the Heaviside Layer.

AIDS Quilt Square

Unfortunately, Rene Clemente, Steven Gelfer, Reed Jones, and Timothy Scott have passed away. We will always remember them as faithful jellicles and we commend their hard work in theatre.

AIDS Awareness Ribbon

The ribbon above is AIDS awareness. The black box above is from the AIDS Quilt. Unfortunately, these 4 actors were victims of this disease.