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Jenny's Jellicle Heaven


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Video Cast

Here you will see who plays who in the CATS Video!

Alonzo ~ Jason Gardiner
Asparagus ~ Tony Timberlake
Admetus/Rumpus Cat ~ Frank Thompson
Bombalurina ~ Rosemarie Ford
Bustopher Jones ~ James Barron
Cassandra ~ Rebecca Parker
Coricopat ~ Tommi Sliiden
Demeter ~ Aeva May
Electra ~ Leah Sue Morland
Etcetera ~ Jo Bingham
Exotica ~ Femi Taylor
Gus: The Theatre Cat ~ Sir John Mills
Grizabella ~ Elaine Paige
Jellylorum ~ Susan Jane Tanner
Jemima ~ Veerle Casteleyn
Jennyanydots ~ Susie McKenna
Mistoffelees ~ Jacob Brent
Mungojerrie ~ Drew Varley
Munkustrap ~ Michael Gruber
Old Deuteronomy ~ Ken Page
Plato/Macavity ~ Bryn Walters
Pouncival ~ Karl Morgan
Rumpleteazer ~ Jo Gibb
Rum Tum Tugger ~ John Partridge
Skimbleshanks ~ Geoffrey Garrat
Tantomile ~ Kaye Brown
Tumblebrutus ~ Fergus Logan

The CATS Video was filmed at The Adelphi Theatre in London. It was released in 1998. Jacob Brent, Michael Gruber, and Ken Page were the only Americans in the video. Ken Page was the only original Broadway cast member to be invited to be a part of the video cast. Susan Jane Tanner, Elaine Paige, and Femi Taylor were the only original London cast members to be invited to be a part of the video cast. All of the actors were in CATS at one point in their careers in various productions (except Sir John Mills).